About us

Clara Maspons

Managing Director

Clara Maspons has two years and a half of working experience in International Organisations, where has been involved in high-impact projects with the UN Women and the World Bank focused on innovation and societal transformation in areas hindered by structural limitations. She is responsible for implementing the organisation's mission, setting its strategy and direction, and securing investment and external partnerships.

Natalia Villarreal

Product Development Manager

Natalia Villarreal possesses knowledge in data science and AI with NLP and machine learning. She is responsible for the development of the initial technology concept and design for Maternia's solution and continues spearheading the design, hardware, and software development. She collaborates closely with cross-functional teams of engineers and medical regulatory experts to meet and exceed technical and regulatory compliance requirements.

Zainab Dakik

Country Expert & Field Manager

Zainab Dakik is a Tanzania-born expert on emerging markets, with a particular focus on production and logistics. She has valuable experience working with refugee camps, conducting research, and managing distribution channels. Currently, she is on the ground, building stronger relationships with the beneficiaries of Maternia.

Endorsements, Partnerships and Donors