Unseen and unheard:

The Heartbreaking Reality of Stillbirth

Maternia brings a solution to the neglected tragedy of stillbirths that affects millions of women worldwide

What do we believe in?

Maternia is committed to addressing the global health challenge of stillbirths and strives for continuous improvement of women’s prenatal healthcare.

Each and every woman deserves proper quality care to enjoy a healthy and safe pregnancy journey.

The Solution

Maternia aims to deliver an inclusive and tailor-made solution to make maternal care within reach of every pregnant woman. Our medical device reaches underserved regions with limited access to antenatal care, ensuring no one is left behind.

Designed for Impact: The features behind Maternia’s technology

  • Low Cost

    Our solution maintains high quality while ensuring that maternal health services are accessible to all

  • Low Tech

    Simple and easy to use, with minimal technology requirements or complexity.

  • Non Invasive

    Maternia places utmost importance on the safety and comfort of the user

  • Available at Home

    Our solution is affordable, accessible, and for use in comfortable settings.

  • Intuitive

    Maternia is simple and straightforward to operate, with clear and concise instructions for use, making it easy for the user to understand and interpret the results.

Innovative Technology for Safer Pregnancies

Help us bring our vision to reality through crowdfunding

Let's bridge the gap in maternal healthcare! Support our crowdfunding campaign and help us bring an inclusive solution to pregnant women with limited access to quality prenatal care.

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